25 reasons women after 40 years age have more pains in their joints.

25 reasons women after 40 years age have more pains in their joints in 2020.

25 reasons Women after 40 years age have more pains in their joints in 2020 is the reason of multiple visits in hospital .If you are women age greater than 40 years and have pains in multiple joints then you are at the right place to guide you about what is arthritis. We deliver a lot of informative content about arthritis on I-Noesis. In this article we would go through some reasons why women have more Osteoarthritis after 40 year of age.

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1- Decreased Flexibility

Our body contains connective tissue in our body which is basically a filling material. This filling material is consists of fibers and filaments. Our whole body contains this material. It has property of flexibility. It is consider that flexibility decreases significantly in every woman after 30-40 years of age that is why muscles and tendons become stiffer. When these less flexible muscles pull tendons on joints they cause pains and aches. To increase flexibility click here.

2- Decreased Lubricating fluid in joints

Our joints contain lubricating fluids in our joint cavity. This decreases friction whenever our joint moves. This lubricating fluid is called synovial fluid. It has been observed that with increasing time this fluid decreases in quantity. This causes more frictional movement and induces pain in joints. This leads to development of osteoarthritis in future. Here is a Supplement which enhances Joints lubricating fluid.

3- Metabolism slows down

Metabolism is what causes repairs damages in our body. It is said that whenever you turns to 40 or above in age your metabolism slows down. This in turn decreases healing power of body due to any damage especially damage in joints. Healing less and causing more damage turns your joints into more damaged state. This is of the 10 reasons women after 40 years age have more pains in their joints. Here is Metabolism enhancing daily supplements click here.

4- Thinning of Cartilage in Joints

There is a slippery substance in our joints called cartilage. This helps in frictionless movements of joints. With increasing age this cartilage becomes thin. As a result bones surfaces moves on each other with more friction. This causes more damage to the joints. This result in more aches and pains in women after 40 years of age. This supplement helps to heal your cartilage.

5- Weakening of bones (osteoporosis)

Osteoporosis is a process in which your bones become less in density because the removal and usage of calcium is more in our body then it is deposited in bones. As a result bones become porous and weaker. So there are more chances that your joints can easily damage and cause continues pains and aches in women after 40 years age. So if you are above 40 years age you have to take significant calcium and multivitamin supplements. Here is a link for osteoporosis controlling supplements.

6- Over Weight(Obesity)

Weight puts more pressure and stress on your joints. With increasing age in women they tend to get more weight than their adult life. So increased weight causes more damage which in turns causes frequent and more pains in their joints especially after 40 years of age.Here is a book to reduce weight.

7- Smoking

Smoking fills your lungs and blood with inflammatory chemicals. Any damage to our body inside or outside produces inflammation at that site. So if you are smoking which means you are putting more chemical in your body which induces more inflammation. As a result you get more pains in your body. So quit smoking to reduce your body aches. If you want to quit smoking, click here.

8- Multiple pregnancies

Every women during pregnancy gains more weight. She develops eating habits. After pregnancy these habits usually does not go away. As a result women eat more and gains weight. This gain in weight puts more pressure and stress on their joints especially knee joints and causes osteoarthritis of knee joint.here is a belt which can help to reshape belly after pregnancy.

9- Lack of exercise

Exercise releases some chemical substances in your brain which acts as painkillers. When you do daily exercises it not only acts as pain killer but also increases your muscles and ligaments flexibility. Women after 40 years age are either busy in their professional life or busy in their children and do less exercise. This is one of the reason women after 40 years age get more pains and aches in their body. if you want to do exercise click here.

10- Decrease estrogen is one of 25 reasons women after 40 years age have more pains in their joints in 2020.

Estrogen is the hormone which acts as anti aging. When women starts to lose their menses. Estrogen hormone level in their body decreases as a result they get more aging effects and multiple joints pain is one of the reason women get more pain after 40 years of age. Here is a list of foods which increases estrogen level in your body.if you want to check this estrogen supplement click here.

11- Gout (high Uric Acid level)

Gout is a disease which increases flare of arthritis. If you have gout than there are chances that that you get more joint pains. Here is a list of foods which lowers uric acid level in gout patient.if you want to fight with gout click here for supplement.

12- Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition in which your brain behaves differently to the sensation of pain. This is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal in our body along with sleep, mood, fatigue and memory issues. Fibromyalgia occurrence peaks at 35 years of age. This can also be one of the reasons women after 40 years age get more joint pains.if you want a guide on fibromyalgia click here.

13- Lupus Arthritis

Lupus arthritis is a disease in which you get joints stiffness, redness, pains and swelling of joints. Lupus is slightly different than osteoarthritis in a way that it does not cause permanent damage to the joint. If you have lupus than there are more chances that you get joint pains. here is a link for you to keep updated about lupus.

14- Lyme disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi which is transmitted to humans by black-legged tick bite. This disease can also causes on and off joint pains especially knee joints and other large joint.if you want to heal lyme disease click here.

15- Hypothyroidism is one of 25 reasons women after 40 years age have more pains in their joints in 2020.

Thyroid is a gland in front of your neck which controls our metabolism. When thyroid starts to function less than its optimum level it is called hypothyroidism. In hypothyroidism every function of body slows down including pain management and healing mechanisms. With increasing age there are more chances of getting hypothyroidism. When this happens to any person especially women they get more pains in their body.Here are supplements for hypothyroidism affected women.

16- Decreasing muscle mass

Muscle mass absorbs shock ways produced with each step on your ground. More the muscle mass more energy would be dissipated into these muscles. When muscle mass decreases all the vibration during walking or during exercise are dissipated in to joints which causes more damage to the joints. As a result you get more pains at joints if you have less muscle mass on your body around joints. If you want to increase muscle mass click here.

17- Drinking less water

It required a lot of water to break carbohydrate foods in your body. And if you did not drink plenty of water this essentially required water is absorbed from your body especially joints and from lubricating fluid of joints. This process dries out the joints cavity. This imparts more damage to the joints and more frequently pains at joints.if you want to treat with hydration therapy then click here.

18- No sun exposure

Women working in houses which do not have sun light exposure or women living in big cities have more high building. This prevents sun light to be exposed on the skin. These results in decreased vitamin D production.women with vitamin-d deficiency have more frequent pains in joints and muscles. Click here for vitamin -D supplements.

19- Cold environment

Cold temperature causes blood vessels to constrict. This causes decreased blood supply and less healing. On the other hand this decreased temperature causes sensitivity of pain receptors. This factor induces more pains at joints especially if you wear clothes which expose skin and joints to the cold environment. Further after 40 years age your metabolism starts to slow down which decreases heat production. So these factors cause more pains after 40 years age to the women if they are exposed to cold environment. Here is a link for things which keeps your joints warmth.

20- Physical stress is one of 25 reasons women after 40 years age have more pains in their joints in 2020.

A woman with more physically stressful profession gives less time to their joints to heal. As a result their joints become more damaged. This is one of the reason women feel more pain after 40 years age if they have more physically stressful profession. want stress free life , click here.

21- Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin-D acts as anti-inflammatory agent. Women after 40 years age mostly have less than normal vitamin-D levels .Vitamin-D also helps to absorb calcium form food in your intestine and strengthens your bones. This is one of the reason women have more pains after 40 years age. It is better for you to get levels of Vitamin-D inside your body. And Take regular vitamin-D supplements. Click here for vitamin –D supplements.

22- Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the disease which affects your joints and cause pains. Peak incidence age for rheumatoid arthritis is 30 to 50 according to WebMD. So if you are women of 40 year age of above there are more chances of getting rheumatoid arthritis. This rheumatoid arthritis is one of the 25 reasons women after 40 years age have more pains in their joints in 2020. Are you living with rheumatoid arthritis here is a guide for you.

23- More Junk Foods

If you eat more junk foods then there are more chances that you get joint pains after 40 years age. Junk foods mostly contain carbohydrates and oily fried foods. Carbohydrates dry out your joint lubricating substances while oily foods have Trans fatty acids. Trans fatty acids acts and inflammatory substance and imparts inflammations to the joints. This in turns causes more pains in joints and body. if you want to know the bad effects of junk foods then click here.

24- Less Fruits and Vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits acts as antioxidants. Oxidants are substances which causes inflammations. So if you have less fruits and vegetables in your diet which means you are taking less antioxidant and getting more inflammation of your joints. So taking less fruits and vegetables can also be the cause of more pains in women after 40 years age. Want to change your diet chart click here.

25- Trauma/ injury

If your lifestyle has more vigorous then there are chances of getting trauma to your joints. If joint is severely damaged. It can cause more pains and lifelong pains even after 40 years age.

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