Arthritis Medicines

Recommended arthritis Medicines

Arthritis medicines are those which are directly or indirectly involved in combating Arthritis disease as a whole. These medicines help your body to be strong enough so that your body can not only fight arthritis pain but also help to heal fast. These arthritis medicines are available without prescription which means that you can buy them without doctor’s prescriptions. But despite no prescription be conscious about their use as they have a lot of side effects. So we would recommend consulting your doctor first so that you are aware of their use and their side effects.

if you are confused about any medicine in these lists or want to know their side effects, please feel free to comment below for a better suggestion.

Acetaminophen pain reliever

Acetaminophen is analgesic and helps to decrease pain .

Ibuorifen anti-inflammatory & pain reliever

ibuprofen is NSAID and through Anti-Inflammatory effect helps to decrease pain of arthritis.

Extended release Acetaminophen pain reliever

extended release Acetaminophen is analgesic and helps to decrease pain for longer duration of time.

Aleve for arthritis pain

Aleve contains Naproxen sodium which can reduce inflammation and thus pain of arthritis.

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