Treatment of Cerebral Malaria

Treatment of Cerebral Malaria is very important when you have to select between complications vs early recovery. So for the Treatment of Cerebral Malaria we have to divide our topic between Specific Treatment and Symptomatic treatment. Because it is very important to treat the main disease as well as symptoms involved in Typhoid Fever. Because whenever a disease affects our body. It comes with the main root cause of the disease and the symptoms that are appearing due to that cause.

Our main Objective on I-Noesis is to explain treatment in very quick, easy and short way.

Specific Treatment of Cerebral Malaria

No single drug have been discovered which can eradicate all types malaria so we have to combine more than one medicine for synergistic effect to eradicate parasite effectively .

Antimalarial Drugs in Treatment of Cerebral Malaria

Chose specific treatment according to your region and drugs sensitivity prevailing in that area. For that click here .

Injection Quinine Sulphate 600 mg (20mg/kg in children) as loading dose in ringer lactate infusion intravenous immediately (STAT). THAN 300mg (10 mg/kg in children) intravenous (IV) trice a day (TDS) for 7 days .


Injection Artesunate 2.4 mg/kg IV(Intravenous) at 0, 12, and 24 hours at start of treatment, THEN Four times a day (qDay) until patient is able to tolerate oral (PO) antimalarial therapy. Better than Quinine for early recovery and less chances of convulsions, coma, posttreatment hypoglycemia.

Along with artesunate add any oral antimalarial drug when patient is able to take orally. Be vigilant in choosing antimalarial medicine according to your region and drug sensitivity and resistance .

Symptomatic Treatment of Cerebral Malaria

Treatment of Low Hemoglobin in Cerebral Malaria.

Check any sign of pallor and do complete blood count. If Hemoglobin is below 7.5 mg/dl than transfuse Blood .

Treatment of Convulsions in Cerebral Malaria.

Place the patient in left lateral position to prevent from aspiration of secretions.

Check blood glucose levels.

Attach Oxygen if patient looks hypoxic.

IN ADULTS :Administer benzodiazepines especially Diazepam with dose of 5-10 mg Intravenous/ Intramuscular (IV/IM) repeat after 5 to 10 minutes but not to exceed 30 mg . if unable to administer intravenously give Parenteral solution through anal route at 0.5 mg/kg initially than 0.25 mg/kg in 10 minutes.

IN CHILDRENS: Administer diazepam with caution in children under 6 years of age at dose higher than 0.5mg/kg.

Parental Route:

For Age 2-6 years : 0.5mg/kg ; may repeat in 4-12 hours .

For Age 6-12 years : 0.3 mg/kg ; may repeat 4-12 hourly.

For Age greater than 12 years : 0.2 mg/kg ; may repeat 4-12 hourly.

Intravenous Dose (IV):

For Age 6 months-5 years : 0.2-0.5 mg Intravenous (IV) initially , repeat every 2-5 minutes; do not exceed 5 mg; may repeat 2-4 hourly later parentally (PRN) .

For Age greater than 5 years : 1 mg intravenous (IV) given slowly every 2-5 minutes ; not to exceed 10 mg total dose ; may repeat in 2-4 hourly if needed.

Treatment of Fever in Cerebral Malaria.

Drink plenty of water.

Avoid concentrated fluids like tea , coffee and alcohols as these can increase dehydration..

Sponging of dry exposed skin should be done. Use tepid water for cooling effect to remove heat from body. For cooling product Click Here.

Avoid taking cold bath as that can increase vasoconstriction in blood vessels of skin . When blood vessels bring blood to the skin heat is emitted from skin . So if blood vessels are constricted heat traps in core body organs which can increase organs damage. Moreover cold causes shivering which can increase production of heat .

Make sure you take plenty of rest especially bed rest.

If you have log hairs and live in warmer area than you may need a hair cut to easily dissipate heat from your head.

Paracetamol in adults 500-1000 mg every 4 hourly to 6 hourly as needed to relieve fever up to 4000mg in 24 hours. In Children 1 month to less than 12 years age 15 mg per Kg in 4 to 6 divided doses but not more than 4 doses in 24 hours. If you want to buy paracetamol click here.

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