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What is Arthritis? Basic Important Facts About Arthritis.

If you are searching for ‘What is Arthritis‘ and want to know about What is arthritis than you are on the right place.

In this article i would try to cove all the aspects of what is arthritis. hope you would enjoy it. so lets start with this disease of joints.

wha tis arthritis . facts about arthritis by I-Noesis
Arthritis of knee joint . what is arthritis by www.inoesis.org

Before jumping to the answer of the question ’what is arthritis’, you should know about some other things associated with it. These are very essential to have deep concept about this disease. if you want to give proper answer to the question ‘what is arthritis’ you must have a brief knowledge about musculoskeletal system, joint, inflammation and some statistics about arthritis.

Arthritis and its association

First of all this is a condition which is associated with our musculoskeletal system. Musculoskeletal system is further consisting of bone and muscles. Bone when meet together the form joints. Muscles are the strips of actin and myosin proteins around the joints. These joints when contract they causes movement in our body. So it is a condition which affects our joints. When joints are affected they cause pain. Swelling, stiffness, redness and decrease in range of movement at that joint. Thus due to this our whole Musculoskeletal system is affected.

Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis

It is very common but it cannot be understood very easily. Answer to the question that ‘what is the arthritis’ is a little bit difficult. It presents with different signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms of this disease may vary from person to person. Like some people may present with pain first and then swelling. Some people may present with pain and stiffness. Some patient of this disease may present with some previous history of it and now with joint immobility and joint pains. So this is the reason of diversity of symptoms that it’s very technical to understanding it.

Arthritis signs and symptoms are:

  • Pain at rest
  • swelling
  • warmth area of skin over joint
  • pain during movement
  • restricted movement at joint
  • redness at joint skin
  • stiffness during early morning
  • some time fever , fatigue , weight loss
  • due to inactivity muscle mass can decrease

It is a disease which is associated with more than 200 conditions which are directly or indirectly related to joints, surrounding structure of the joints and of course our whole life style which is associated with joint and daily life motility. That is why the question what arthritis is. It is little bit tricky to understand.

Arthritis, joints and Inflammation

Arthritis is basically the inflammation of joints.  Now to understand what arthritis is first you have to know what the joint is and what inflammation is. Because without understanding joints we cannot understand how it presents in different areas of body. Without understanding the inflammation we cannot understand how inflammation affects the joints and how patient gives history of this disease?

What is joint?

Where two or more bone meets they form a specialized connection that is called joint. Joints give us flexibility, movement and are the source to transmit our axial skeleton weight to the ground. Without joint our movements would be impossible. To understand more about joints you can read this article what is joint?

What is Inflammation in arthritis?

Inflammation is the body defensive attempt of self protection to remove harmful stimuli and at the end of it healing the damaged part. Inflammation can occur at any place in our body either due to stress or any infection. Once this mechanism starts in our body it has five major signs and symptoms or clues which are specifically related to inflammation. Those are redness, swelling, pain, heat, loss of function. These signs and symptoms may vary from organ to organ and area to area of body. Like if inflammation occurs in brain it will show different signs and symptoms. In joint it may present with pain first than swelling etc.

So when this defensive mechanism of inflammation occurs in joints it is called arthritis.

Arthritis, Age, Occupation and Gender

This can affect different people depending upon their age or gender and the occupational work where he or she works. Like in old age it presents commonly. It has direct relation with increasing age. Above 70 year of age almost 40% of people are affected with it. Similarly, after the age of 40 year, women when reaches menopause.After menopause estrogen level become low. Low estrogen levels increases Demineralization of bones and bones become weak. Weak bones are more prone to damage than strong bones. Healthy bones give surety of healthy joints. so weak bones causes this disease of joints. Similarly in children some disease like juvenile idiopathic arthritis affects joints. In people working occupations which induces more stress to joints are more prone to it than the normal persons working in offices. Obese people are more affected than low weight. High weight induces mores stress on joints than low weight.

What kind of Disease is Arthritis

If it is a disease, now the Question arises that is it a disease? Than what kind of disease is it? Is it a dangerous disease? The answers to these questions are a little bit difficult. It is originally is a disease of joints. But this disease occurs some time when it is the effect of some other illness which has had occurred in past. Some time it occurs as an isolated disease of a single joint. Some time it is the result of trauma to the joint and some time it occurs alongside the other illnesses. So arthritis itself is a disease and it can occur side by side of other disease which would discuss later in other posts.

Along with other disease associated with arthritis, arthritis itself present as disease of more than 100 different types.

These different types explanation Would be continued in our next blog posts and stay tuned to our blog I-Noesis about medicine especially arthritis. if you want to know who we are than i would like to introduce us as About us. Feel free to give us feed back on Contact Us

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