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About Arthritis

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About Us. We at I-Noesis.org provide best medical knowledge about arthritis and other medical information. We believe that if you know best about your disease of arthritis you can easily combat it. Because if a man does not know what is his disease how can he treat himself .

Arthritis is not a disease just like others which can be cured by just visiting your nearest doctor and taking medicines. We believe that Arthritis needs a comprehensive approach towards a patient.Its not a single profession treated disease. Because it is related to your age,food intake, weight and daily life style.

Why Arthritis is not a single entity profession because it involves Doctor, Orthopedic surgeon, physiotherapist, nutritionist, yoga experts, gym expert etc. Like if you have 150 kg weight and arthritis of knee joint due to high blood uric acid levels. Then your need to visit a Doctor to reduce your pain, nutritionist to adjust your diet which has less uric acid producing foods and food which decrease your weight along with that your need a physiotherapist which help your muscles to be straighten enough so that they did not become atrophied.

we also suggest some products which can help your daily life style so that your can live a healthy pain free life.


we have best suggested products which can help you combating arthritis .

 We at I-Noesis.org suggest some categories in your daily life style which can help you to easily and effectively combat arthritis. Products suggested on our Arthritis shop are affiliate products which means we earn some commission from your each of your purchase, which helps us and encourages to maintain your blog and bring more information related to arthritis . Now its up to you either you help us by buying products or not. Suggested products are those which we consider can help you. but due to variability of human disease process we can not guarantee that product suggested by us would definitely help you 100% to reduce your disease stress.

Surgeon Brevis

founder & CEO

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