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is the most common type of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is the age related degenerative disease of all joints. With the increasing age your body’s healing capacity decreases than your daily life damaging impacts on body. As a result your body joints starts to show changes which ends up as arthritis of joints called osteoarthritis.

all body joints are affected but osteoarthritis most commonly involves.

X-ray of knee Arthritis
X-Ray of Osteoarthritis Knee.

Lets Know The Unknown



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Our Detailed Ultimate Guide line to arthritis of all joints of our body

We at inoesis arthritis blog provide best comprehensive guide line about arthritis of all of our body joints . we cover our topics by providing following information about arthritis of each joint.

X-Ray of knee arthroplasty. knee replacement surgery.

Arthritis Facts

Arthritis Statistics collected from Arthritis.Org shows the prevalence of arthritis affected people in USA.

Million Adults have Arthritis in USA
Babies and Children have Arthritis in USA
Million people have most common type of arthritis which is "Osteoarthritis"
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A New Approach To
Health , Life & Arthritis

We provide our readers with best searched information related to arthritis. 

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Most Popular Questions Asked about Arthritis

When some one gets arthritis or newly diagnoses arthritis or is in process of being diagnosed as case of arthritis then someone may ask some questions about about arthritis. 

we answers most of the questions in our blog posts but some of FAQ about arthritis are as follow.

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Arthritis is the inflammation of joint or articular surfaces of joint. it has more than 100 types which affects human being differently depending upon age, sex, genetic variability, profession , family history etc. it can involve any joint in your body but most of the time knee, shoulder, hip and small joints of the hand and toes are involved.

anyone at any age age can get arthritis but most of the time some factors affects more people than normal human being. for example Obese female, diabetic patients, heavy weight lifters, positive family history, smokers, sedentary life style, family history of rheumatoid disease. These factors predisposes a man to get arthritis more early at his/her younger life.

  • Swelling, Pain, stiffness in or around  one or multiple joints
  • Morning stiffness in and around the affected joints.
  • Pain and stiffness that improves with physical activity and worsens with inactivity.
  • Reduced range of motion of affected joint.
  • Morning stiffness in and/or around the affected joints.
  • Sometimes fever, weight loss, fatigue , reduced muscle bulk due to inactivity.

normally the exact cause of arthritis is still not known. but some types or arthritis are known well. Osteoarthritis is caused by age related degeneration of joint, septic arthritis is caused by bacterial infection of joint, rheumatoid arthritis is caused by autoimmunity against your own body(which means that your own body starts to fight your own body tissues).

similarly some kind of trauma and surgery can also cause arthritis.

Pain in joint is called arthralgia. the pain of arthritis feels like dulls pain with decreased intensity, usually around the single affected joint but can radiate to or from that joint to surrounding areas.  You can say this pain is due to arthritis by observing that this arthritis pain is just after you had gone through long hectic work , and it only is localized to that affected joint.

No, arthritis can not go away until unless your joint is replaced by implant.

arthritis is such kind of disease that it can not be cured by single profession. one thing which should i clear that arthritis would never go away. but yes arthritis can be controlled very effectively by multiple disciplines including, doctor, physiotherapist,nutritionist, orthopedic surgeon, podiatrist, etc.

the best cream for arthritis is the one which ingredients should include NSA IDs , heeling agent, cold agent and substance which increases the permeability of skin so that easy and good concentration of drug can penetrate the affected.

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